Surprised Pikachu

Surprised Pikachu Memes :-
1) Scot :- Eats a bunch of food for Thanksgiving.
Then a gets a stomach ache.

funny memes
funny memes
Does Complex math problem with Tones of places to screw up. Me :- Gets it Right.

3) Anna :- Realizes I passed 100 followers while I couldn’t post.
She :-

surprised pikachu

5) Nintendo :- Let’s Go isn’t meant to be competitive.
Players :- Try to make the game competitive and fail.
Players :-

pikachu meme

6) When you’re doing a math test and spend 10 minutes struggling with one problem,
and you find out you got it right.

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surprised pikachu

Surprised Pikachu :-
7) When you’re on facebook and you get a girlfriend.

surprised pikachu
surprised pikachu
Painted on my friend’s wall….

Surprised Pikachu

When you post something on facebook and you actually get dislike.
You :-

I used to read the side-effects of prescriptions…
Now I wait to be surprised.


Even Your Coffee is surprised, you woke up this early.


I swear, honey…I’m just as surprised as you.

Carson Wentz be like – Surprise !


Funny Memes :-

Have you ever pretended not to look at the biscuits or sweets being handed,
around the room and acted surprised when you got offered one.


How your neighbor looks at you after you come home with,
a new loud exhaust.

Me :- I don’t care what others think about me.
Also me :- When I’m walking the wrong way in public.
look at phone, act surprised, turn around.


Sometimes I sneak up on my alarm clock when it’s sleeping and yell,
“How Does It Feel Bitch”.


Star of cult Hit, Surprised people like him.


If you get your philosophy from a comedian,
Don’t be surprised if it’s a joke.


When you miss by an arrow, And it still strikes

child surprised

When you accidentally bump into the Arab kid you don’t both blow up.


Me :- This road can’t get any shittier !
road :- Surprised.

road surprised

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Surprised Pikachu
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